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Mihoko is going to the U.S

from Apr.24th to May 12th, 2023

with Chiharu Ebihara.



Meeting wiht the Outstanding Accordionist,

Nick Ariondo in Los Angeles


Performing at the World Accordion Museum in Superior, WI

“World Accorion Day”



Performing at “Faith Lutheran Church” in Lexington, KY)




HIBIKI received an “Audience Award”

of Terem Crossover International Music Competition

in St. Petersburg on the 26th Oct 2018.


~~Mihoko Goto Biography~~

Mihoko Goto is one of the leading accordionists in Japan whose unique sound and performing style is highly praised both at home and abroad.

Mihoko started playing the piano at the age of five, and at age ten, she took up the accordion.

After graduating from the Osaka College of Music, majoring in piano, she began her music teaching career at an elementary school while continuing her studies in contemporary music.

Twelve years later, she left her teaching career and visited the U.K. and Hong Kong to further her  musical education. Collaborating with composers and accordionists of the U.K. and Hong Kong inspired her to embark on her career as an accordionist back in Japan.

Mihoko was fortunate to have additional chance to study the accordion abroad. She received guidance from Nick Ariondo of Los Angeles in 1997, and later in 1999, coaching from Viacheslav Semionov in Moscow Russia.

In 2001, she held her first major recital in Osaka.

From 2002 to 2004, after moving to Tokyo, her main musical career as an accordionist was with “TENGO,” a Roma music unit. TENGO appeared on TV and radio, held concerts around the country while releasing three albums consecutively from Victor Entertainment, Inc. In 2003, TENGO served as a friendship and exchange artist for Russia’s St.Petersburg 300th anniversary city founding event.

In 2010 Mihoko released her first solo album “accordionist” five years later.

In 2013 she performed as an accordionist in Broadway shows in New York City.

In 2014 and 2015 she performed in Germany and Russia.

From 2016 to 2018 she took part in the Kaustinen Folk Music Festival in Finland.

She participated in the Terem Crossover International Music Competition with guitarist, Aki Ozawa and Tsugaru-jamisen player, Takehiro Kurihara in St.Petersburg, Russia on the October 26th, 2018; and they received an “Audience Award”.

In 2019 she gave a solo concert at the World Accordion Museum in Superior, Wisconsin, and then traveled to Lexington, Kentucky to perform on the WoodSongs Radio Station.

Mihoko’s presentation of her music is an intriguing collaboration of Japanese music as well as classical music played on the accordion.


♪♪♪  music video  ♪♪♪


Performing “Senbon-zakura”(means 1000 cherry blossoms, arranged by Mihoko Goto) in Kaustinen Folk Music Festival in Finland.


Music unit “HIBIKI” ~~~ABOUT HIBIKI~~

Mihoko Goto (accordion)

Aki Ozawa (guitar)

Takehiro Kurihara (tsugaru-jamisen, guitar)

HIBIKI is Japanese which means “resonance” in English.

We have a large repertoire such as Japanese traditional music, classical music, flamenco, rock, Russian music, world music, and so on.

We live in Tokyo.  We’ve all played many concerts all over Japan for 10 years.

Our performance is here:


Performed at BX hall in Bunka Shutter Co.,Ltd.in Tokyo on the 27th. of Apr. 2018.

Mihoko Goto arranged “Toccata” by Bach, and composed ” Pegasus”.


Performed at BX hall in Bunka Shutter Co.,Ltd.in Tokyo on the 27th. of Apr. 2018. Mihoko Goto arranged  “Wearied Sun ” which is a Russian old tango.



If you’re planning a party or a corporate event, I would be more than happy to put together a good show for you. Contact me by email on the link below.